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DFDS -New Service – Fast Lane Dunkerque

DFDS -New Service – Fast lane Dunkerque

We are pleased to announce that in addition to the Priority Lane we are now offering our freight customers an alternative service when shipping from Dunkerque called the Fast Lane which will commence from the 20th May 2019.

Priority lane remains available at all three ports, (Calais, Dover and Dunkerque) from check-in. During busy periods a limited amount of vessel space will be available to freight customers who are willing to pay an additional fee to depart on a vessel that would otherwise be full, thus reducing waiting times. This is available on a first come first served basis.

Fast Lane provides the customers with an option to avoid the long queues approaching the Port of Dunkerque, to gain faster access to the check-in booths, then to be checked in for the next available departure. A very limited amount of vessel space will be available for this service.


To benefit from either facility and to be charged to your account, we must have received your Priority/Fast lane authorisation before allowing your drivers to use Priority/Fast lane. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • You can complete and sign a combined Priority/Fast Lane agreement form, which will give your drivers authorisation to request Priority or Fast lane whenever it is available.
  • You can pre-authorise each shipment individually at booking level as and when needed, by emailing our reservations department (If you book online, please include the booking number and confirm if you are authorising Priority or Fast lane)

Once we receive your completed combined Priority/Fast Lane authorisation form, we will be able to check-in your drivers for the Priority/Fast lane (if it is required) and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Cash/Credit/Debit card payment.

To support customers wishing to pay by cash or credit/debit card the driver will have the option to do so on arrival at the check-in. If the driver accesses the check-in at Dunkerque via the Fast lane, a charge will be made.

Conditions of Use

To ensure your drivers can utilise this facility as effectively as possible, please see below the conditions of use for the Fast lane:

  • Fast lane is ONLY available from the Port of Dunkerque
  • Fast lane is not priority loading. This facility provides an ‘earlier sailing’ option only. We cannot guarantee that your driver will be first on, or first off, the vessel.
  • If your driver gains access to the check-in booth in Dunkerque via the Fast lane entrance, a charge will be applied for this facility.
  • The Fast lane space on the vessel will be issued on a first come first served basis, subject to availability.
  • When opting for the Fast lane, your drivers must park in the allocated lanes provided and in a timely manner.
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