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Pricing Policy DFDS Seaways Channel 2019

Pricing policy DFDS Seaways Channel 2019



Challenging service improvements made by DFDS A/S Eastern Channel:

During 2018:

  • Introduction of the first ferry App for freight drivers on the Eastern Channel.
  • Expanded secure parking and advance check-in facilities for freight customers in Dunkerque.
  • New priority lane facility to improve efficiency.
  • A new online booking facility.

During 2019:

  • Further enhance the freight booking platform together with new digital solutions.

DFDS will be facing a significant increase of port and operational costs in 2019 of which part will be absorbed by DFDS, the other part compensated by a price increase of 5 euro on the Eastern Channel routes with effect from 1st January 2019.

You can find the original letter by clicking on below link.

DFDS – Rate increase letter 2019

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