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Art. 1. All our transactions are subject to the Belgian Forwarding Conditions. The text of these conditions has been published under number 0090237 in annexe to the official Belgian Journal “Moniteur Belge” of 24.06.2005 and is known and accepted by contracting parties (with special attention for article 22 of the Belgian Forwarding Conditions regarding Customs & Excise claims).

Art. 2. Our transactions are governed by Title II of the Law of 5 May 1872. Verenigd Inklaringsbureau nv (VIB) provides services to the forwarding and transport industry and is never acting as a carrier. VIB declines all responsibility for delays in delivery or short shipment of booked units. VIB is not liable in case of fire, theft of, or damage to the goods or the vehicles which have been put in warehouse, on quay or on board ship or other carrier. All time tables and surcharges mentioned on are purely indicative.

Art. 3. Insurance will only be contracted on formal written order.

Art. 4. Our invoices are payable on the date of maturity mentioned on the invoice.

Art. 5. The applicable surcharges (BAF, CAF, Marpol, IMDG-ADR) are the amounts valid on the day of shipment. Surcharges (BAF, CAF, Marpol, IMDG-ADR) can vary without prior notice.

Art. 6. Complaints are only valid when made in writing and sent by registered mail to reach us no later than 15 (fifteen) days from invoice date. Failure to comply with this procedure will be considered as irrevocable acceptance of our invoices and charges.

Art. 7 . In case of delay or partial payment an interest of 1% per month shall be due by right and without any proof of default.

Art 8. Moreover each delay in payment entitles VIB to charge an additional indemnity amount of 10% with a maximum of 2000 Euro for the extra judicial costs and without prejudice to the indemnity for all judicial costs and without prejudice to above mentioned conventional interests.

Art. 9 . In case of disputes the Courts in Brugge (Belgium) or the Courts in the debtors country will be competent, depending VIB’s choice.

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